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HW # 5

Put a link here to an example problem you made up and solved using Laplace Transforms, of the complete solution of a mechanical system or a circuit that is described by linear ordinary differential equations with constant coefficients. Make sure you start with the physical system, and end up with the time response of the system.

Use your wiki page to explain the problem and solution to one of your classmates. Have him or her certify that they have checked it for errors, by listing that on the page. Then go to Moodle and put a link to your page in the in-box for HW #5.

Laplace transforms:Series RLC circuit

Laplace transforms:Mass-Spring Oscillator

Laplace transforms:DC Motor circuit

Laplace transforms: Simple Electrical Network

Laplace transforms: R series with RC parallel circuit

Laplace transforms: Critically Damped Motion

Laplace transforms: Under-damped Mass-Spring System on an Incline

Laplace transforms: Critically Damped Spring Mass system

Laplace Transforms: Vertical Motion of a Coupled Spring System

Laplace Transforms: Coupled Springs

HW #12

Coupled Oscillator Problem

Coupled Oscillator: Hellie

Coupled Oscillator: Coupled Mass-Spring System with Input

Coupled Oscillator: Coupled Mass-Spring System with Damping

Coupled Oscillator: Jonathan Schreven

Coupled Horizontal Spring Mass Oscillator

Coupled Oscillator: Double Pendulum

Coupled Oscillator: horizontal Mass-Spring

Coupled Oscillator: Spring Pendulums

Coupled Oscillator: Pulley

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