Signals and Systems

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Overview of Signals and Systems

Individual Subjects

Some Useful Links to Suppliment or Substitute for a Textbook

Books on Signal Processing

Fourier Series

Dirac Delta Function and Convolution

Course Pages

2005-2006 Assignments

2006-2007 Assignments

2008-2009 Assignments

2009-2010 Assignments

Class notes for Signals & Systems


Octave Tutorials

Installing Octave on a Mac (Chris Lau)

Octave and Scilab on a Mac (Ben Henry)

ASN2 - Octave Tutorial (Jodi S. Hodge)

A u(t) function example

Homework Assignments

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  • HW #4 - Given a linear time-invariant system where \ u(t) produces an output \ w(t) , find the output due to any function \ x(t) (Chris Lau)
  • HW #6 Pick a property of the Fourier Transform & present it on the Wiki. Make a table with all your properties. Interpret your property. (Ben Henry)

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