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Good Stories

My favorite magazine which has a lot of good stories is Guideposts Magazine . Check it out!
If you are interested in how I became a Christian, look here .

The Land of Bearded Trees, a book by my Aunt Joan Frohne Abbott and my grandmother, Margaret Doorly Frohne, a beautiful book, with interestig stories of life on Barbados in the 19th century.

Some Recent Papers:

Dynamic Carrier Control: AM Transmitters Save on the Power Bill While Sounding Louder

Do you operate an AM transmitter, especially an AM shortwave transmitter? If you do, you should be using dynamic carrier control (DCC). Dynamic carrier control lowers the carrier power when it is unnecessary in such a way that to receivers equipped with automatic gain control (AGC) the signal sounds even louder than when more power was being transmitted. I designed a DCC circuit for the Thompson transmitters at Adventist World Radio Asia , on Guam. It saves them about 20 percent on their power bill (several thousand dollars a month savings). I also designed a similar circuit for High Adventure Ministries stations in California and Palau. If you have a need for this circuit, send me an e mail message. I believe in conserving the world's resources and so I'll probably be glad to help you. I had a little documentation on this circuit on disk that you can look at if you like. Check here for that. My handwritten notes from 1991 describing the DCC circuit I used for the Thompson transmitters at AWR is described here as a PDF. Those transmitters are now in use in Palau.

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