Using Airport 1.2

Under Mac OS 8.6


G3 Series, 2400c, 3400c, and Kanga


Apple claims that Airport 1.2 requires Mac OS 9, and an Airport equipped powerbook or a Powerbook G3 Series (Wallstreet). Airport won't install under Mac OS 8.6, however, I have been using it on three powerbooks (a Wallstreet and two 3400c's) for about a month with no noticeable issues except those which occur under Mac OS 9 as well. A friend has reported success with his powerbook 2400c. I have had no success, however, with a powerbook 5300cs and this software.

The hardware I am using includes the Lucent Wavelan Bronze and Silver cards.

This document describes how to install Airport 1.2 into Mac OS 8.6.




On the 2400c, it has been found that the Farallon ethernet PC card and the Lucent Wavelan card do not work simultaneously. You must reboot to switch between the two. Similarly, I found that the 5300c had the same problem using Lucent's drivers and Global Village's Platinum Pro ethernet card. I have discovered that the Focus MV16-EN does work on the powerbook 5300c with the Lucent Wavelan card using Lucent's drivers and Mac OS 7.6. This ethernet/video adapter was available for less than $30 at DMS last I checked.


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