The Frohne Flier

Volume 1, Issue 5 July 28, 2001

P. O. Box 4 Muak Lek, Saraburi, Thailand 18180

Phone: 66-36-344-726

July 20, 2001

Thanks to all of you who have responded to my newsletters. I really enjoy
hearing from you. Keep the notes coming.

I have lots of news for you. So sit back and enjoy.


One computer down. Another one on its way.
The first news is that my Macintosh Powerbook has developed a serious
problem, and computer support (my dear Rob) says that he won't be able to
repair it. Let me tell you, the tears were close when I heard that. There
were several days here when I felt at the end of the world, unable to
communicate with anyone. Rob tried several different ideas on how to fix
the computer or get a new one over to me. And then we realized that Sue
Dixon, chair of the Biology department here at Mission College, was at that
time in College Place, Washington, and staying just a few blocks from our
house, where there was another smaller laptop computer that could be used.
She is bringing it here to me and I should have it on Wednesday, July 25!
And my computer support specialist has been so kind to share his computer
with me, so I can continue to send and receive email.


Praise the Lord
The most amazing thing happened last Sabbath. My worker, Guitar, was eager
to see me between Sabbath School and church. I invited her to sit with us,
and she told me that she had decided to "give my heart 100% to Jesus." I
was so amazed!

The day before we had had a long talk while cutting open a jack fruit
together. She had told me more about her family and how they were strong
Buddhists. Her grandma especially so. She always goes to the temple and
always has an offering of food for the spirits sitting in her house. And
the spirits even talk to her in the form of old monks. Guitar has felt
uncomfortable the times she has gone home recently and was asked to prepare
offerings for the spirits in their home. She didn't want to go to the
temple with them, and they put a lot of pressure on her.

That Sabbath was communion and I had the privilege of walking her through
the service, explaining the meaning and watching the joy come over her face
as we washed each others feet and she prayed out loud for the first time.
She was so thrilled with the experience and its meaning.

Now she has much to learn, as it is a big change to go from being a Buddhist
to a Christian. Please continue to pray for her, as she will have many
difficulties ahead, especially when her family learns of her decision.


The birds and the bees

William is growing so much and adding words to his vocabulary every day. He
is loosing the baby look and taking on a little boy look. On July 4 he
surprised me by putting three words together at a time, "round and round,"
he said. Two days he suddenly said, "There is a bus!" Three and four word
phases aren't that common with him yet, but they have happened at least

He is really enjoying all the creatures over here. There are lots of
butterflies. And he calls them "flies." And there are also many birds,
which he delightfully calls "bees." Rob gets quite a kick out of this and
would really like William to call them birds, but William persists.


Araya is adjusting more
Araya is adjusting more and more, and getting to be more like her normal
self. This week she has a special playmate. My friends Brian and Duang
Wilson are here for meetings. They work for Adventist Frontier Missions in
North Thailand with the Mien people. I met them when I lived in Thailand
before and was thrilled to be able to meet up with Duang again. Duang is
Thai. Brian is American. Their little girl, Benya, is just a bit younger
then Araya and loves to talk just as much as Araya, in English, even. They
became instant friends. Araya doesn't even have a friend as evenly matched
back in Walla Walla. Too bad they are leaving on Thursday.


Kao Yai
Two Sabbaths ago the Gouges took us with them for a trip to the nearby
national park, Kao Yai. It was really nice to see the jungle. The scenery
was lovely. Rob saw three hornbills (large birds) go flapping by. We saw
lots of monkeys (macaques), by the side of the road. There were mothers
with babies clinging to their undersides, large males and other monkeys of
all sizes. We enjoyed watching them. We walked to a large waterfall, saw
some nice butterflies, and flowers. Rob said it reminded him of Amazoa, at
the National Zoo in Washington D.C., only so much better because it was
real. We would like to go back again and go camping.


Fabric market and tailor
The next day, Sunday, Ann Foster and us rented a van and a driver to take us
to Bangkok to Sunday market, and to the Fabric market. Rob, and the kids,
and a Thai friend, Liap, came along. Us ladies enjoyed the whole day. Rob
and the kids started getting bored really fast at the fabric market. I
bought some fabric for a few pants, jackets, skirts and dresses. Wool
Gabardine was $3 a meter. And another nice sythetic was less then $4 a
meter. Ann and I wanted to look for a few other colors, but the kids were
getting really tired and Rob wanted to go to a giant computer mall to shop,
so we cut our shopping short. We are planning on going back this weekend,
but just the ladies, this time.

We took two pieces each to two different tailors to decide which tailor we
want to use. There is a bit of a price difference between the two. One
tailor is charging $15 to make pants and a lined jacket. And the other is
charging around $25. We'll see if there is a difference in quality also for
the price.

The computer mall, Pon tip plaza was something like you have never seen
before! There were 5 floors of computer stores! I'm not kidding! They all
circled around an empty area so you could see up through the middle to the
top floor. They were all lined up as if you were seeing different venders
at a convention, but there were so many more shops! There was lots of loud
music, and loud speakers advertising the wares in Thai. Whew, the noise was
untolerable! And Rob didn't find what he was looking for, in all of that.

We ended our day in town with a nice meal at an Indian resturant. Ann and I
really enjoyed the treat.


Rob bought a bike
Rob has really been wanting a bike to use for exercise, and up until last
week, hadn't been able to find one. He had looked at Lotus before, but this
time he found one 26" bike with a seat that went up higher then the rest,
and it barely fits. He really debated about buying it, but finally did.
And now every morning at 6:00, he is out getting some exercise.


Another waterfall
This past Sabbath Ann and I worked together to have students over to our
house for lunch. We managed to get together a haystack dinner, with some
funny nacho cheese corn chips we found at Lotus. It seemed to be a success.

Then Dr Chew took us and three students and Liap to a small national park
that borders Kao Yai. Dorothy Pulley stayed behind and watched the kids for
us, so Rob and I actually had some time together. The park was actually
pretty close. It has a campground and a small lake. There was a nice hike
into a water fall through the jungle. It started raining about halfway to
the falls. And started pouring just before we got there. It was almost
like standing under the waterfall. I don't think we would have gotten
anymore wet doing so. I got a young banana leaf and tucked it into a
bandana tied around my head to serve as a little protection. It helped keep
my glasses dry, so I could at least see. Rob held his banana leaf on with a
small vine tied around his head. We would have taken pictures, but it was
too wet for cameras to be out. There was nothing dry on us when we got


One week Later
It has been over a week since I first wrote this issue of the Frohne Flier.
In that time, a "new" old laptop computer has arrived and been set up for
me. I now have my email in 3 different places, and Rob has had quite the
challenge getting my email address book together with my Frohne Flier
document. But it is ready to go out now.

Next Saturday night, August 4, we will catch a train to southern Thailand
for a 10 day vacation at the beach and if the weather permits, on an island.
So the next Frohne Flier won't come out until after August 13 sometime.

I will try to get more pictures onto our web page before we leave. If that
actually happens, I will send out a notice with the URL.

Write soon,
Barbara, Rob, Araya and William