The Frohne Flier

Volume 1, Issue 7

Friday, August 24, 2001

P. O. Box 4 Muak Lek, Saraburi, Thailand

Phone: 66-36-344-726

This has been a more quiet week. We have had a few days of rest and play for the kids before we take off for the country of Loas on Sunday morning. We will go there to renew our visas one more time. We'll return on Tuesday afternoon.

Last Sabbath we helped with the visitor's potluck. We were supposed to last month too, but they didn't tell us until Thursday afternoon, and we already had plans. They were a bit upset that we didn't join them. I told them I would have been glad to, but I have to know far enough in advance to plan. Next month when our turn comes again we will be in College Place already.

Sunday Rob went to Bangkok to meet the princess. Actually, it was graduation, and the tradition here is that the princess hands out the diplomas. They have a regular graduation at the end of the school year, and then a few months later they have the special graduation where only the graduates, faculty and a few selected family members can attend. Every one else waits outside. Well, Rob didn't know a single one of the graduate, so he didn't really think he needed to go to the graduation, but the administration insisted that he attend. We all think that they wanted his white face to impress the princess. I would have liked to attend, just to see it. I've never met the princess before. But they wouldn't have let the kids inside, and I would have had to figure out what to do with the kids. So I chose not to go.

Instead we were invited to go swimming with an Australian Adventist family. The dad works for the parent company that makes Mars candy and also a kind of pet food. He is in charge of research for them. The mom is a former elementary school teacher. They just happened to move here just after we did, and live in Muak Lek in a resort community. They didn't even know the college was here when they came, but were delighted to find they were so close to other Adventists. They have two boys, age 3 1/2 and 2. The kids loved the pool at their resort. The resort is mostly a collection of vacation homes for wealthy Thais from Bangkok. But there was one available that they could rent. It is a pretty Thai style cottage with lots of wood cut work decorating the eaves, porch and cupboards in the house. It is the perfect house except that it also is so Thai style that it has a very small Thai style kitchen with a tiny sink and a two burner hot plate. If anything better comes up, they will move.

Monday was a homesick day. Good thing I have Rob here.

Tuesday after Rob got out of class we caught a ride to the airport in Bangkok. Then we got a taxi to Pontip Plaza. Remember the giant computer mall? Well we were told there was an excellent tailor there. I decided to have two suits made for Rob. And I took my own better fabrics there to have my pants and jackets made. We have discovered that the tailor in Muak Lek does an excellent job with dresses, skirts and tops, but has a really hard time with jackets and pants for those of us with more of an American shape. I had her make a couple jackets for me, but am not really pleased with the results. I think the Bangkok tailor is going to do a fantastic job. We go back for a fitting in two weeks.

Wednesday started out to be another homesick day. Then I realized that I have to have something interesting to do every day or my frustration level with being here rises really fast. So I made arrangements to use Sue's truck to go to Muak Lek. I only needed 2 things from the market, but it gave me something to do. Actually, Sue's husband, Bruce, who had arrived from the states the day before, also needed a ride to town, so I drove him in, as he doesn't know his way around yet.

Thursday afternoon I went to the local tailor and picked up a couple things she finished for me. And today, I will try to make something nice to eat for Sabbath.

That was our week. Hope yours went well. I will be looking for the details in your next email.

Happy Sabbath.

The Frohnes - Rob, Barbara, Araya and William