Fix Your Powerbook Wallstreet G3's Hard to Press Clicker!


My Wallstreet Series I G3 powerbook had a very hard to press clicker. In fact it was so bad that if I worked on a graphics program for more than an hour or two, my hand would get sore from clicking. I tried the touchpad as a substitute, but I'm a teacher, and my powerbook gets used occasionally by others who don't have much practice or understanding tapping the touchpad. I searched the net for a solution, but only found others complaining like I was. Nobody had a solution. I finally decided I was going to fix it, when after using my wife's 3400c, I almost decided I liked it better than my Wallstreet, and all because of the hard to press clicker. I was successful! Now my clicker will click with the weight of my thumb alone. It is glorious! In fact it is the best improvement I've made to my Wallstreet since I got it! Here is what I did.

I took out the battery and the CD drive from the Wallstreet and with the help of a good flashlight inspected how the clicker worked. I could see how the button was affixed, and see the switch it pushes. See the photo below. It looked like to me like if I put a small piece of something springy in between the clicker button mounting bars and the palmrest to which they were affixed, I could make it easier to click. I found the skinniest rubber band I could. I cut two sections about a quarter of an inch each in length from the rubber band. I then took a toothpick and jammed them in the top, between the button and the palmrest, at the corners of the button where the mounting bars were. They disappeared from the top, and were wedged between the mounting bars and the bottom of the palm rest. See the bottom photo.

It worked perfectly! It is so nice to be able to click my clicker with ease! I would not suggest doing this if you don't have needle nose pliers long enough and skinny enough to pull the rubber bands out if they are too fat for your clicker.

Here is a photo of the inside, showing the bar that you stuff the rubber under.


Here is a photo of the outside showing where you stuff the rubber band pieces.


As always, when you modify your powerbook, I take no responsibility for the results. Mine were good though.


Rob Frohne

My email address is my first name "dot" my last name "at sign" wallawalla "dot" edu.

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