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  • BPF
  • What frequency range?
  • How to implement? RL? RC? Do I need something more?
  • Amplifier
  • Do we need an amplifier? Is the incoming signal large enough?
  • LPF:
  • What frequency range?
  • How to implement?
  • Oscillator:
  • Outputs a logic high and logic low. What is the best way to convert this to a co/sine wave (multiplex?)
  • What value are we looking for?
  • Frequency Range:
  • FM is most likely too high to create
  • AM radio (car stereo) is about right. Find a station you want to tune to. KFBK 1530?
  • 96kHz of bandwidth (due to what the audio card can sample)
  • SI570 can create a number of frequencies