Mission College Adventure, Chapter 5 The Frohne's in Thailand

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A praying mantis in our front yard
A birdwing butterfly.  It has a wing span of about six inches.

The Administration Building is almost finished with its remodeling job.
The "IT Building"
More of the "IT Building"

William likes heavy machinery.
The tailor in Bangkok: Barbara and Ann have had no end of fun keeping him and his local counterparts busy.

Bangkok traffic
Our trip to Laos was guided by these two gentlemen.
Waiting in Thailand to cross the border

Paying for visas into Laos
Rob took this photo just before William fell off his shoulders.
William's fall was pretty serious.

We took "Took Tooks" everywhere we went in Laos.
Julie Scale, a volunteer with ADRA in Vientiane
A good dinner in Vientiane

Nerly and Araya wye
This tower was erected to commemorate 
freedom from France in 1962.
A view from the top

Phrawat Luang
Shopping in the Vientiane market
This Indian restaurant has the best food.  It comes with all our highest recommendations.
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