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Software to Save Your Whiteboard Notes



New Method Using Gimp

I am now using a python plugin for Gimp for the same photo processing. It has better image processing algorithms and the processed photos look better than the old "Save My Whiteboard" ones. It is available under the GPL license and I have a web page for it here!

Old Method

Sometimes I think it would be nice if Calvin could have some notes, even when he is daydreaming! If you have several Calvin's in your classroom, or if you teach difficult concepts, you will appreciate "Save My Whiteboard." "Save My Whiteboard" works in concert with your digital camera to save the notes you put up on your whiteboard in a format that Calvin or your other students can view and print on their computers. I find that students having difficulty understanding the lecture are faced with a perplexing decision. They can either take notes like crazy, trying to write down everything the professor says, and hope to decipher them sometime after class, or they can put down their pencils and concentrate completely on the professor's explanations, perhaps asking a few questions along the way and hopefully understand what transpired. As a professor, I would prefer them to take the second choice, but this leaves them without any notes, which means it is difficult for them to reconstruct the material later. I find it difficult to make notes ahead of class to pass out, and in fact often I don't make any notes at all before the lecture, which leaves my students in a pickle after I erase the whiteboard. I decided to try and solve this problem. "Save My Whiteboard" along with my new Olympus digital camera is my solution. I have used this for a couple of weeks already, and received some good comments from the students. This quarter is the first one I intend to make a complete collection of my notes available to students on the web using Save My Whiteboard.

The Help File explains how to use it and has some examples.

You select the portion of the whiteboard to save as notes.

Then you transform it to this

or this.

Save My Whiteboard
is free!

System Requirements for Version 1.0:

Download the classic Mac OS version 1.0 here!

Download the Windows version 1.0 in "Stuffit" format here!

Download the Windows version 1.0 in zip format here!


System Requirements for Version 2.0:

New in Version 2.0

Download the Mac OS X version here!

Download the Mac OS Classic version here!

Preview Release

I have not been able to justify purchasing further RealBasic updates just to maintain this program.  I plan to make this open source (GPL) after updating the documentation so that perhaps others can recompile with the latest versions of RealBasic.

Save My Whiteboard, copyright, Rob Frohne, 2001-2002. You may distribute it freely, as long as the files are kept intact (all files included). The author's web page for this program is:


and his e-mail address is  his first name  "dot"  his  last  name  "at sign" wallawalla "dot" edu.


I can't keep this up to date, and a number of folk have asked for the source so here it is under GPL3.  It probably won't run under the latest version of RealBasic without fixes.   If you do anything worthwhile with it I would appreciate it if you would send me your patched source so others can benefit from your work.

Download the source in tar.gz form.

My homepage.

Thanks to Bill Watterson for Calvin and his antics!