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This article is for the conference on Monday January 11

Variable Description Unit variables Units
\vec E Electric Field Intensity  V/m\,\!\text{ or } N/C\,\! Volts per Meter or Newtons per Coulomb
\vec D Electric Flux Density  C/m^2\,\! Coulombs per Meter squared
\vec H Magnetic Flux Intensity  A/m \,\! Amps per Meter
\vec B Magnetic Flux Density or Magnetic Induction  T \,\!\text{ or }Wb/m^2\,\!\text{ or } G \,\! Tesla or Webers per Meter squared or Gauss


\vec D=\epsilon \vec E

  • In free space:
  • \epsilon_0=\frac{1}{36\pi}\times10^{-9} \ \ F/m

\vec B=\mu \vec H

  • In free space:
  • \mu_0=4\pi\times10^{-7} \ \ H/m

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