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[Class Notes]


Collins' Course in Power Electronics, (a great resource with a lot of stuff)


Transformer Design


Grid Tie Inverter Reliability (Electrolytics and IGBTs have poor reliability.)

Feedback Analysis of Switched Mode Power Supplies

LTSpice Tutorials

How to Use LTSpice with the supplied PSpice Models

Class Project 2011

Class Project 2012

  • [Bicycle USB Electronic Charger]

Additional Resources

Class Contribution 2012

KiCAD Tutorials

  • The following links are to the best KiCAD Tutorials that I've found. They're the only ones with voice narration. Unfortunately, the video's creator thought it would be better to use a synthesized voice. It can be quite tiresome. (Posted by Chris Lau 4/9/12)

  • I enjoyed the Tutorials 1 and 2 that Chris put on the page it is very good at specifying the basics. (Matthew Blaire 4/10/12)
    • I also Have found a helpful tutorial on creating components Add Component Tutorial
    • All of the relating tutorials to this one are pretty decent as well, but most of the material is covered in the tutorials that Chris posted

  • Video on how to install KiCad onto Windows and how to use KiCad (Posted by Trent Fleming 4/17/12)
  • A FAQ page on many different parts of of KiCAD. From creating parts to schematic to PCB layout. (Cody Lorenz. Posted millions of years after the class ended. Actually 4/22/2012)

Homework #11

Matthew Blaire

  • I researched the ability to cross platforms and found that the only way to do this is to copy the net list of the schematic. You can do this by opening the files in the viewer and copying the created net list to another spice program.
  • While the net list is not perfect and still requires some modifying, for the most part between spice programs the net list is compatible.
  • I checked this not only with the programs and a couple hours of online research, but also through my Dad, who is an electrical engineer and has worked extensively with both programs.