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This is me
Diving in Guam

The Purpose of This Page

This page was created to document my work in ENGR455 - Signals and Systems. I hope that both current and future students will be able to benefit from my work here. Since I am a student learning as I go along, I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the content on this page.

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About Me

I am a senior electrical engineering major also minoring in business and math. For more info check out the Mask

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Class Resources

Dr. Frohne
Class Wiki
Class Notes (2009)


Homework #1 - Evaluate this integral
Homework #2 - Something interesting from class
Homework #3 - Class lecture notes October 5
Homework #4 - Fourier transform properties
Homework #5 - Review a Fourier transform property
Homework #6c - Another Fourier transform property
Homework #7 - Sampling
Homework #8 - How a CD player works
Homework #9 - Third harmonic sampling and QSD
Homework #10 - Quadrature sampling waveform plot
Homework #11 - DFT example using MATLAB
Class Project - Automatic antenna phasing