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This page was created as an assignment in ENGR455 Signals and Systems. The purpose of this page is to enable easy viewing by others of my completed homework assignments and easy peer reviewing. See web page for further details on topics.

Class Notes (2009)

Personal Background

On November 6, 1988 I was born on the island of St. Thomas USVI. I am the eldest of three; I have two younger brothers. One of my favorite foods is fried fish. Disclaimer: I like saltwater fish I think fresh water fish is grose. It takes alot of eating fish to tell the difference. I moved from my island to College Place WA to persue a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering. I find that in College place squirrels are equivalent to iguanas on St. Thomas. When I first moved to College Place my instincts sometimes mislead me when I heard russeling noises in a tree that there is an iguana, an ugly giant spontaneously poopy lizard, but on the contuary when the creature appears its was funny to see that was a cute fluffy squirrel. Below is a grid of my class schedule this quarter.

Contact Information

Cell: 340-998-9369

Home: 509-524-6701




ASN1 - Create Wiki and evaluate integral

ASN2 - Something Interesting: Exponential

ASN3 - Class Notes October 5

ASN4 - Fourier Transform property: Parseval's Theorem

ASN4 -Fourier Transform property

ASN5 - Review a classmate's Asng4

ASN6 a,b- Prove given Fourier Transform property

ASN6c - Fourier Transform property: Value at origin

ASN7 - Sampled half of signal

ASN8 - How does a CD player work

ASN9 - 3rd Harmonic & QSD

ASN10 - Quadrature sampling demonstration

ASN11 - Leakage demonstration in Octave