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Chicago-AU 2009 026.jpg Never try and eat 2/3 of a large Chicago deep dish pizza!



Phone: (937)369-7308

School Address : 119 E. Whitman #9

About Me

I am a Senior Electrical Engineering major. I like playing ping-pong as well as racquetball. I also enjoy solving/learning puzzles like the Rubik's cube. I am currently deciding if I should find a job after graduating from Walla Walla or if I should apply for graduate school.

Class Schedule

Autumn 2009 class schedule.

Yes I just stole this from Nick since our schedules are the same

Senior Project

For my Senior Project I am teaming up with a couple of M.E.'s to make either a miniature autonomous airplane that will hopefully either beat the speed or altitude record for its class or make a miniature airplane powered only by solar panels.


2 - What I've learned so far

3 - Non-periodic Functions

4 - Fourier Transform

5 - Review Fourier Transform

6 - Fourier Transform 2

7 - Sampling a Signal

8 - 1x oversampling

9 - Third harmonic sampling

10 - Quadrature sampling

11 - DFT example

Class Notes

Systems and Signals