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Sally Roth

What I want you to think I look like
What I actually look like

About Me

Major: Electrical Engineering
Graduation Date: March 2009

  • Logic and Structural Problems
  • Economics, Politics, and Religion
  • Running, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding
  • Music, Movies, Local and Foreign Culture

Contact Info

  • Phone: (503)-703-3482
  • Email:
  • Messenger:
  • Myspace
  • Facebook

........That should be enough so, if you can't get a hold of me, I'm probably dead.


Primary Sources: Wikipedia, ClassNotes, ClassWiki
Programs utilized: Octave, Gnuplot, qtOctave, Matlab

Homework #4 - FFT Applications

Homework #8 - Sampling

Homework #11 - Aliasing

Homework #12 - DFT/FFT Relationship

Homework #13 - DFT/Sampling

Homework #14 - What I fixed

Homework #15 - DAC Compensation

Homework #16 - Application

Homework #17- First Order Sigma-Delta A/D Converter