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Ryan Smith's Wiki Webpage


About me

Want to contact me just look me up in the Mask. I try to keep that up to date. [The Mask]

Family - Personal tid Bits

I should be graduating in the summer of 2007. I got married the summer of 2006. My 7 year old son is still adjusting to the whole family structure thing again. My son Izak also just started the the 1st grade so he is really excited about that. It's been quite the summer and new school year.


Geocaching is a family favorite and I would recommend it to anyone the loves the good outdoors. [Geocaching]

Career Goals

When I graduate from college I would like to work in the Alternative Energy field. My primary experience is in the power industry but I would love to work in a variety of fields during my career. I have a interest in low impact Power generation and other ways to meet the needs of society without creating an environment that my kids will have to clean up.


Ryan's Resume