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HW #5: Fourier Transforms

HW #8: How a CD Player works

HW #10: FIR Filters

HW #11: Discrete Fourier Transform

HW #13: Adaptive FIR Filters

Jeffrey Wonoprabowo

Making a page about myself is the first assignment for the class; although it isn't exactly the easiest thing to do as I never know what to write for these things.

This is my fourth and final year at Walla Walla College. When I first came my concentration was in computer engineering. However, towards the end of my second year, I switched to Bioengineering and am currently applying to medical schools.

At this point I am very sad because I cannot tell you how a CD player works... All I can do is write about myself. So below you'll find a modified picture of the one I put up on my hall in Meske; and the only reason I put one up is cause the RAs were asked to do so... I did not just put up a poster of myself up for fun.