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Problem Statement

Install Octave on your computer. Write a tutorial about installing and/or using Octave.


Octave is download onto my pc and the tutorial is shown below.


Octave Discription

Octave is an open-source (free) apllication with similar commands and operation to that of MathLab. It is intended for numerical computations and graphical output.

How to Get Octave Download

You may acquire Octave from, this website provides open source downloads. Once on this website search for GNU Octave 3.3.52 (the latest verision if you wish) then click "Download." It is suggested that you also download a front end or IDE such as Qt Octave that includes useful tools.

Want GNU Octave? Click []

How to Use Octave

Octave uses a high level language. There are a few ways to enter commands. First, you may enter line-by-line commands to the Octave terminal directly. Secondly you may enter a compilation of commands in the gooey terminal then select the "Run" button to execute the files in Octave. Thirdly, you may use a text editor and create a m-file document including your program and upload it using the Octave terminal. Online MathLab and Octave tutorials and sample programs are an easy way to learn how to become familiarize with Octave.

Want to learn how to use Octave? Click [MathWorks MathLab Tutorial]