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This page was created as an assignment in ENGR455 Signals and Systems. The purpose of this page is to enable easy viewing by others of my completed homework assignments and easy peer reviewing. See web page for further details on topics.

Class Notes (2010)

Personal Background

I love going to the beach and especially love tanning right before I return to College Place. I love animals of all sorts but dearly dogs, cats, and parrots. I wish I could always speak in my West Indian dialect unfortunately, it is much too difficult for people to understand. This is my last quarter attending WWU to recieve my BS in EE. Thereafter, I plan to return to the Virgin Islands for employment in this career field.

Contact Information

Cell: 340-998-9369

Home: 509-524-6785


Class Schedule



Non links turned in as hardcopy

ASN1 - Create Wiki Home Page

ASN2 - Octave Tutorial

ASN3 - Show graphically that the exponential funtion shifted equals to the delta function shifted

ASN4 - Given a linear time-invariant system where produces an output , find the output due to any function

ASN5 - Find and relate it to the Laplace Transform. Derive the Inverse Laplace Transform of this from the inverse Fourier Transform.

ASN6 - Pick a property of the Fourier Transform & present it on the Wiki. Make a table with all your properties. Interpret your property.

ASN7 - Finish the practice tests

ASN8 - FIR filters

ASN9 - Decimating filter

ASN10 - Frequency response of low pass filters

ASN11 - Our method versus Mark Flower's

ASN12 - Determine resolution using cross correlation

ASN13 - Derive DFT relations

ASN14 - Idea for an adaptive FIR filter

ASN15 - Do practice Exam II